5 Hacks to Increase Storage Space in Your Living Area

5 Hacks to Increase Storage Space in Your Living Area

Improving lifestyles and growing needs have made it necessary to increase storage space at home. Since houses are becoming smaller and smaller, this seems to become a challenge. If your home doesn’t have enough space to contain your household items, it’s time to look for the relevant solutions. You can find a wide range of innovative methods to increase storage space. The first rule is to remove unwanted things by throwing, selling or donating them. Putting everything in their place can also help you empty some space to place other items.

Buy Multitasking Furniture Pieces

Invest in furniture pieces that not only look good at home but provide extra storage space. Visit a reputed furniture store to look for chair storage units, tables, drawers & shelves, portable kitchen island, etc. These spaces are perfect for keeping magazines, extra linens, games, shoes, etc.

Since Amazon Kindle and other e-readers are getting popular these days, there’s less need for bookshelves. Still, you can use them for storing other household items. You can also purchase some modular units with compatible doors and inserts. Do your own research, and customize your bookcase according to your needs.

Use Functional Boxes & Baskets

You can find a wide range of baskets & boxes made from fabric and other materials, plastic & metal jars, etc. in the market. These items not only add style when placed on tables or shelves but can be used for storing small notes, remote controls, car keys, etc.

You can also use woven baskets and storage boxes, which look great on shelves and tables. They can be used for storing jewelry, and can easily fit your decor.

Use Storage Space of Furniture

You might have seen beds with storage space underneath. You can use this space for storing various items such as gift wrapping materials, seasonal clothes, suitcases, etc. Just slide the units, and get the items whenever you want to.

You can install these storage boxes in your existing bed or you can go for buying a new bed with built-in drawers. You can use this space for storing mattresses, blankets, bags, plastic containers, etc. Sofa-cum-bed is another great option for small houses to increase storage space. Suppose, you have placed a sofa-cum-bed in the kid’s room. Thus, you can use the storage space for keeping board games and large toys.

Use Space Under The Stairs

There’s enough space under the stairs, which is always left unused. If you have a small house with a lot of things scattered, you can create some extra space by using the space under the stairs. Just add vertical drawers, and place necessary items such as shoes, books, toys, files, etc. Moreover, this gives a unique look to your interior.

Install More Shelves

How many shelves do you have at home? Just count them. And, notice the number of items they are holding. Amazed! Shelves can contain a lot of items. Thus, it’s good to install more shelves on free walls. For example, just remove the bed’s headboard, and install a series of shelves, which can be used for holding books, magazines, etc. If there’s no space to place a table at the bedside, just hang a small shelf and place an alarm clock there.

Install Portable Cabinets

Cabinets can contain a lot of items, especially in small kitchens. A kitchen island can be used for storing frequently used items such as towels, cookbooks, etc. It also provides extra kitchen workspace, you can wheel them wherever you want in the kitchen.

Additionally, you can use the vertical space of the kitchen by installing a long rod attached to the ceiling. Simply add hooks on the rod, and hang pots, pans, and organize other kitchen gadgets.

In conclusion, creating extra space in a small home isn’t something that you can’t do on your own. All you need is a creative mind, and the ability to translate your ideas into reality. If you are buying new furniture pieces, go for the ones that provide extra storage spaces. You can buy sofa-cum-beds, which occupy less space but have more functions. However, some items come with hidden storage spaces under them, where you can store books, magazines, or other important items. In the kitchen, you can install more portable cabinets for storing utensils, jars and other accessories. Other things that you need to take care of include the paint of your house.


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