5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram has seen an unprecedented growth as a social media platform in recent years. This platform which started out as any other normal socializing app has become a phenomenon which is far and wide reaching in its influence and has become a legit method of monetization for creators from across the world. We have all seen how this platform has helped change the lives of so many people. People go viral, they turn into memes and gain a huge following and then are able to earn money by being on this app. There are numerous benefits of this app which cannot be covered here but you can go through them whenever you have the time. How can you grow your instagram following? Well here are a few ways which can help you build a good instagram following.

Posting Consistently 

To gain engagement and to be interactive with people on the gram is an absolute necessity whenever you are trying to spread your name as a creator or an influencer. To be able to interact with people who get involved with your posts might be difficult for you, if you don’t constantly post on the platform. Hence, the first advice for you to increase your instagram following is to post consistently without taking extended breaks. If you want to up your game you can decide to post content multiple times a day for the first few months to gain an everyday engagement with the people.

Hashtags and Location Tags 

Hashtags and location tags are incredibly important for you to be visible to other users. The only way you can get likes and a following is when you reach out to people and that can be done by using the right and relevant hashtags and location tags. If you can find out the exact hashtags that work for your target audience, you can use it every time to create a strong audience. Sometimes you might want to create new trendy hashtags that work best for the promotion of your brand or products. This can also be done accordingly, for example if you are trying to share food reviews from different restaurants you can use the restaurant’s name like #hellskitchennewyork or if you’re promoting BudPop products you can use the hashtag #BudPop for identification of your brand.

Using Insta Reels 

The craze that instagram reels has generated is absolutely mind boggling. You might have come across the latest trends that people are hopping on to increase their following. It is one of the primary ways to create a base of followers who love watching you and enjoy interacting through comments. Don’t forget that people buy what is being sold everywhere, the main thing is if you can reach them faster or not. Entertain them and capitalize on the attention that you receive. 

Using the Method of Storytelling 

Storytelling has universal appeal and instead of sharing content which is based on a teach and preach basis you can employ the storytelling method to help your followers in engaging with you more. The personal touch is a very successful business technique which will benefit you greatly in creating a connection with your base of followers. Share anecdotes and keep them updated about what happens in your life, this creates you into a brand. The biggest and the most successful example of this is Kylie Jenner.

Use Call to Action Techniques

With this technique you can ask your followers to double tap on the picture or follow you or even tag their friends and family to create a whole chain of actions. Using call to action terms like these will help you in controlling the activities and behavior of your audience which will further contribute significantly in creating a loyal fan base for yourself on instagram. 

These are some of the ways which will definitely help you in growing your instagram following. Do this and see how the number of your followers increase!

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