6 Simple Ways to Make De-cluttering Fun in Lockdown

Despite knowing that the floor is dirty, we don’t clean it. Despite knowing that decluttering promotes wellness, we don’t clean the bedroom. Despite… It often happens to everyone. And, now during the COVID-19 lockdown, the home remains full of people all day, decluttering has become a challenge. 

However, you are more likely to do things if there’s a fun element included. A study concluded that dance movement therapy was effective in reducing clinical anxiety & depression while boosting mood & wellbeing. 

But, how to make decluttering fun? Here are 6 simple ways that will surely help you achieve the goal.

Set a Timer

This is an amazing way to make home cleaning fun. Clocking the time allows you to challenge yourself, and finish things quickly. Start with 5 or 10 minutes, and see how many things you are able to get rid of. You will be surprised to see that clearing the sofa or folding the blankets won’t take much time. Things are not as complex as we make them.

Remember, decluttering isn’t something that takes the whole day. A few minutes will be enough. But, you need to be consistent to make big changes in your home.

Challenge Someone in Your Family to Do More Things Than You Do

This is my favorite. People work more actively when you challenge them. You can challenge anyone in your family, brother, sister, kids, etc. Just say, “Hey, could you be able to do the bedroom chores faster than I do the dishes?” Here you will get two benefits—finish more things and motivate yourself & your so-called competitor to maintain cleanliness at home

You can set a small prize for the winner. It could be a chocolate bar or access to the TV remote for a few hours. So, the objective is to make decluttering fun and encouraging each other to get rid of stuff faster.

Remember, during the COVID-19 lockdown, you shouldn’t invite others at home for the decluttering competition.

Set a Goal & Give Yourself a Reward

Setting a goal helps you to work more dedicatedly and actively. You can decide to do something by a certain time and reward yourself after you meet that goal. Well, when I have a lot to declutter, I usually motivate myself to finish everything within an hour and then play games on my smartphone for 20 minutes. I play online and often use valorant boosting services from https://zarosboosting.com/valorant-boosting to increase my game rank. It’s actually great fun.

Coming back to the point, achieving your target, and then enjoying the reward gives utmost satisfaction. However, you can work with your spouse to set a common goal, and enjoy playing the game together, thus adding more fun to your life.

Take Before & After Pictures

Sometimes you don’t understand the importance of something until you see pictures. So, take some pictures when you start working and after you finish with decluttering. The transformation will surely encourage you to do the right things.

However, you can Whatsapp these pictures to your family members to encourage them to clean the space to promote wellness.

Well, I have saved before & after pictures of my bedroom and drawing room in my smartphone. I often see them when I don’t feel like decluttering. They always act as a perfect source of motivation.

Join Online Groups

Since there’s a wide range of Americans who are having the same problem when decluttering their homes, you can seek their advice to do anything quickly. For example, if you are struggling to clean your kids’ room, post in the online groups regarding this.

Joining decluttering groups can help you get the required motivation and encouragement to keep going, simplify decluttering tasks, and reduce stress & anxiety.

There’s a wide range of decluttering groups. My personal favorite is—The Purpose Show Community with Allie Casazza.

Listen to an Audiobook

Decluttering becomes more fun when you are listening to a great audiobook. I always prefer putting on my earphones and playing an audiobook that helps me stay focused when cleaning the bedroom & kitchen, painting the walls, etc.

Another advantage of listening to an audiobook while decluttering is that you can get rid of the unwanted noises, thus focusing on doing things. This way, you can finish things quickly.

There’s a wide range of audiobooks available online. You can listen to books that help you declutter and organize your home easily. Or you can go for the books on life lessons that can make you feel good.

Bonus Tip

Before starting the cleaning work, make a clear decluttering plan. Take short breaks—listen to music and play with your emotional support dog. Always stay consistent with your decluttering routine.

To wrap it up—decluttering helps you reduce stress, anxiety, depression, thus promoting overall wellness. You can follow various strategies to make decluttering fun, thus finishing things quickly and easily. Set a timer, and see how many things you can do. Compete with someone in your family, and see who can finish the most clothes or paperwork. Take before & after pictures to inspire yourself to stick to your decluttering routine. Add more fun, and finish things fast!


Carolyn decided early on that she did not like the winter. That has led to the inspiration behind this blog, This is a culmination of everything nice and sunny. She likes to live life in a happy to go lucky manner and hopes you can do the same.