8 Ways to Become More Self Sufficient

An individual only truly realizes their capabilities once they become completely self dependent and self sufficient. No, we’re not saying that depending on someone else for your needs is inherently wrong, however, every individual should be capable of fulfilling all of their needs before expecting someone else to do it for them. This prepares one for the unknown future, one that isn’t predictable but one that we can be prepared for. Therefore, there are a few things that every individual should indulge in if they’re trying to lead a life of independence. 

In this article, we have emphasized 8 ways that an individual can initiate their journey towards completely self sufficiency. 

Take Control of Your Decisions

As long as others make decisions for you, or are involved in the decision making process for things that only affect your life, your life isn’t truly in your control. It is the judgements and biases of every other person involved in that process that has an effect on you. Therefore, the first thing that you must do to get control over your life is to eliminate the need of asking for others’ opinions about your life. While there is nothing wrong with an opinion every now and then, do not let their opinion shadow your own judgements. 

Increase Your Self-Esteem

Sometimes, self sufficiency is all about believing in yourself and being proud of what you are or what you have achieved. It’s the lack of this self love and self esteem that makes us depend on others for things we are capable of doing. If you keep believing that you’re incapable of taking care of yourself, you’ll automatically become dependent on others. On the contrary, the moment you start truly trusting in your own capabilities, self sufficiency just follows. 

Stop Asking for Permission From Others

Stop Asking for Permission From Others

You are your own person, capable of living life on your own terms. You do not need to ask for someone else’s permission to live your life the way you want. Unless the decision you’re making or the changes you’re opting for have an effect on someone else’s life too, you do not need anybody’s opinion, let alone theory permission to do what you deem fit. Let your instincts decide what’s right and what’s wrong and go with the flow. The moment you depend on someone else for permission, you lose power over your own life. 

Learn Basic Self Defense Skills

What’s a better way of becoming self sufficient than being physically capable of taking care of yourself. You no longer need close protection from a bodyguard or a chauffeur when you know the basics of protecting yourself. Remember, when you’re alone and find yourself in a vulnerable situation, don’t take a fighting stance no matter how good you are at martial arts. The whole idea of learning self defense is to defend yourself from even being involved in the situation so try to distance yourself as much as possible. 

Choose to Live Alone

Choose to Live Alone

Nothing represents independence and self sufficiency like living by yourself. No family, no roommates, no partner, just you. This type of lifestyle might seem difficult to you in the beginning but as time goes, you’ll learn a lot of things. Firstly, you’ll learn self sufficiency. You’ll learn to manage your finances, take care of yourself, maintain a house and manage a job while doing it all. 

Engage in Activities You Enjoy

This could be something as simple as joining a painting or sculpting class, learning to dance or getting a dog. Doing what you want and enjoy, taking out time to dedicate to your hobbies is another way of being self sufficient. While working and living on your own make you independent, you must also be responsible for your own happiness too. 

Learn Effective Communication to Set Boundaries

Learn Effective Communication to Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is crucial. Unless you draw that line, you’ll always find someone with their nose up your business. Especially, if you were once dependent on them for your decisions. However, for you to be assertive, you must work on healthy communication. At the end of the day, you do not want to offend anyone by pushing them away but you must set up boundaries so they allow you to grow at your own pace. 

While there are hundreds of ways for you to feel self-sufficient, this list is a good place for you to start. 


Carolyn decided early on that she did not like the winter. That has led to the inspiration behind this blog, This is a culmination of everything nice and sunny. She likes to live life in a happy to go lucky manner and hopes you can do the same.

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May 12, 2022