Best 4 Video Game Movies You Must Watch

Best 4 Video Game Movies You Must Watch

Only the idea of watching a movie based on my favorite video game excites me a lot. But, it is never easy to make a movie based on a game, especially if it’s a very famous and successful game. There’s a hype associated with such movies, and the expectations can put a lot of pressure on the makers. 

We have seen many movies that have failed miserably to capture the essence of the original game. Sometimes, these movies miss the plot of the game and what the people loved about it. And the end result we get is rather disappointing. Some of such flops were Prince of Persia (like seriously, what were they even thinking), Street Fighter, and Tomb Raider (starring Angelina Jolie). Sometimes, it’s hard to understand why the makers had to change the whole aspect of the storyline.

But wait, don’t get sad this soon, not every video game movie resulted in disappointments. There have been many movies that have adapted the beauty of video games very nicely and left us craving for more. And I know, it’s hard to please us, just look at the development mess that the minecraft move has been stuck in forever. We can keep playing with Minecraft Parkour Servers but that game is closer to coming to fution. 

But, these following movies did exactly that with the way they focused on the character detailing and how the story unfolds. Having said that, here are some of the best video game movies that you must watch.

Assassin’s Creed (2016)

When this film was announced, I was very excited and equally scared. Confused about the scared part? Well, after watching Prince of Persia: The Sands of Times in 2010, any gamer would feel the same. That movie was a big disappointment. On the other hand, Assassin’s Creed delivered exactly what was expected of it. Awesomeness! 

It captured the essence of the rivalry between the Creed and The Templar Order. Also, the movie cast some of the finest actors in Hollywood. With Michael Fassbender in lead along with Marion Cotillard and Michael K. Williams, this movie offered almost everything a fan of the franchise needed. Let’s just hope to see the second installment soon.

Resident Evil (2002 – 2016)

Now, Resident Evil is probably the most successful video game movie series ever made. Paul W.S. Anderson made something that made a great impact. Although Anderson took some liberty and diverged from the storyline of the game a lot, Milla Jovovich’s character made this series a stand-out in the genre.she is an exceptional actor and made this series her own. The Resident Evil series has 6 movies, and every movie connects you to the premise. 

Detective Pikachu (2019)

When the initial reports broke, of a live-action movie being made on one of the best cartoons of pop culture, everyone was excited. And then came another news about this movie being made on the Detective Pikachu game. You guessed it right, many people were confused about how it would turn out. Well, many thought of it as an outright right.

But, the trailer blew everyone’s mind. It looked amazing! And the most important thing about this was that Deadpool, Ryan Reynold, voiced our beloved Pickachu in the movie. This assured everyone that this movie is going to be fantastic. And that’s exactly what we got to see. An amazing video game movie.

Mortal Kombat (1995)

I could not end this list without this entry. Well, I would not say that this was great (or even good to be honest), but, it did what it was supposed to do. It included the campiness of the ‘90s and captured the game very well. Mortal Kombat was a dumb yet brilliant movie. Confused? But, that’s what it is. This movie brings pure ‘90s aliveness with it. And I don’t think any other video game movie can depict its game like this movie did with the Mortal Kombat game. 

It included some amazing title cage matches. As I said, it’s not a great movie, but it captures the essence of the game so well, that you will love it. This movie is dumb, full of madness, with some laugh out loud moments. No other movie can ever beat this one.


Well, you can find many more video game movies like Final Fantasy: Advent Children (2005), Tomb Raider (2018), Warcraft (2016), and many more. But, these were some of the best ones that captured the essence of their games beautifully and delivered what was expected of them. So, get your popcorn and drinks, and watch these movies now.

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