Excel Living in a Small Home With These 5 Tips

Excel Living in a Small Home With These 5 Tips

Small homes have a charm of their own. Cozy interiors and small spaces to clean, compact rooms and a cute little kitchen. This might make for the perfect home for a loner trying to enjoy some peace and quiet. 

While small spaces can be a little hard to decorate, keeping it minimally stylish is crucial. You cannot be a hoarder with a small house. It just doesn’t work that way. However, just because the space is limited does not mean your creativity should be too. As the owner of a cozy apartment, you must be smart with your choices, choosing decoration that goes on the wall and not the floor, one that makes your room look bigger, not smaller and investing in multi-purpose furniture. 

So, when it comes to living in a small apartment, trailer or your choice of accommodation, there are a few things you can do to decorate your house the right way. 

Work With Tall Ceilings

If you are short on floor space, you might make up for it with tall ceilings. More vertical space than horizontal gives you a chance to add dimensions to your room.  You can make use of this space to make your room look bigger, decorate it and add a bit of drama and character that you otherwise couldn’t. 

This could mean making use of long curtains on windows, covering the walls with impactful wallpapers or painting the walls and roof with the same color to give it a more cozy feel. 

You can use long pendant lights that emphasise the height of the room while also not taking any space on the floor. 

Tall shelves on tall walls as well as tall furniture as opposed to bulky, space consuming furniture is a great way to decorate your room. These vertical decorations will give you more space for other things. 

elf Your Way to The Top

Shelf Your Way to The Top

Multiple shelves on a tall wall is the best way to utilize vertical space. This not only makes storing and decorating so much easier but also adds to the charm of the room. From portraits to vases, small nothings and books, these shelves can help avoid using too much floor space. 

Bulk Down Your Furniture 

Small rooms cannot work with heavy and big pieces of furniture. This could mean that the 4 seater sofa might take up too much room or that a bulky table might leave no room for you to walk around. However, you do need a comfortable seat and a table to put your essentials. This is where smaller individual and sleeker pieces come into use. 

Rather than investing in a bigger sofa, a couple of club chairs might work better for a smaller room. At the same time, rather than investing in a big center table or multiple smaller ones, you can opt for a double layered table or layer two separate tables over one another. This way you can add to the charm of the room while also utilizing vertical space. 

Use a Barn Door

Whether you DIY one into existence or you have one installed, a sliding or barn door works great to divide your living room or sitting area from your bedroom or the kitchen. This will allow you to enjoy the comforts of dedicating separate areas of the house for different purposes, even when the house isn’t exceptionally huge. This will also help keep separate divisions clean and for you to enjoy your privacy. This way, the next time you call for an emergency plumber in Harborne to fix up your kitchen pipes, yor bedroom won’t be in clear view. 

Serve Your Room on a Large Carpet

Small carpets tend to section and divide the room, often making it look as small as it is, if not smaller. But our purpose is to give off the illusion of a wide spaced room. You can use this type of carpet to decorate your living room or bedroom. 

Other than these 5 tips, you can invest in the right lighting, and preferable decorations that utilize vertical space such as a small chandelier, butterfly lights and the like, to add character to the room. The colors you use on the wall and ceiling as well as the furniture you get will play an important role in making your room look bigger than it is. 


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