How to Boost The Value of Your Home With The Right Wall Paint

What should be your priority while selling your house? The basic revamping tasks are important but paint holds prime importance. Many of you might not realize it but the paint actually dictates the price of your home. Zillow conducted a report to check how paint colors impact home sales. Well, it analyzed 135,000 photos and concluded that certain paint shades can increase the value of your home by as much as $6000. So, a simple paint job can help you pack those dollars.

Zillow found that there are certain shades that can give a huge boost to your selling price. For instance, the report pointed out that dark shades like charcoal grey and black can increase the price by as much as $6271. When we talk about kitchens, two-toned designs capture the most attention and increase the price by $1547. Well, just as certain colors can boost the value, there are certain shades that can have a negative impact on resale value. 

Let’s look at some stats

The paint job is the least expensive investment that provides maximum return. A 2012 HomeGain survey shows that an interior paint job results in a 107% return on ROI whereas painting the exterior results in a 55% return on ROI. That’s a lot when you look at the return value. On average, an interior painting job costs around $900 and it offers a return upwards of $2000. Similarly, an exterior paint job costs around $1400 and generates a return of $2176

Select warm and neutral colors for interiors

When you’re selling your house, you’ll probably select a fresh coat of paint. That’s important to give your home a new touch. For the best results, you need to select the right shades. If you this mess up, it can seriously impact your chances of selling the house. Nobody wants to buy a worn out house. So, it’s necessary that you get the paint job right. Ideally, you should select warm and neutral colors. These colors blend with everything. So, it’s easier for buyers to imagine their space and other aspects of living. Most buyers don’t entertain the idea of painting the house after locking the deal. They prefer homes that are already painted. Experts suggest that shades like beige, gold, and grey leave maximum impact. 

The paint type matters a lot

Paint is not just about the color, there is a lot more to it. The different types of finishes, coats, and sheens impact the overall look of the space. Different styles influence how a particular color pops out or gives a distinct appeal to the whole scene. Experts have some tips while selecting the paint coats. They suggest that eggshell sheens are best for broad walls.

This style does not bring out the unevenness or pops on walls like satin does. Semi-gloss and satin are best for stain resistance and durability. While selecting the paint color, you should invest in a good paint. It’s smoother and gives a better finish. Eggshells and semigloss are also great for the bathroom because they resist moisture. Well, if you decide to take matters in your hands, use good quality rollers and brushes. They leave a better impact in the absence of an expert painter.

Prioritize the rooms

Every house has a set of rooms that have importance. Those are the ones that you need to prioritize. You need to match them with the right shade of paint to bring the best value out of the bag. The color of the paint can influence the size of the room. For instance, a particular shade can inject a feeling of space even if it’s a small room. Light shades work very well in creating that illusion. Similarly, if you have a large room that needs to be sized down, using darker and warmer shades can do the math for you. Always include neutral colors because they make the room feel brighter. No matter which room you decide to paint, it should always include the kitchen. Experts suggest that buyers keep an eye on the kitchen while making a purchase. If you can provide a presentable kitchen, your chances of locking down a deal are high. Colors have an influence that you cannot ignore. So, it’s necessary that you strategize your approach while selecting the right shade of paint. Once you do that, attracting buyers will be easier. 

Every buyer wants to sell his house at the highest price possible. Most of us don’t realize that color plays a major role in influencing the purchase. If you have a good selection of paints, there is nothing better than that. You don’t need to head towards expensive options. Just a simple coat is enough to transform the entire appeal of your home. 

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