How to Pet-Proof Your Garden or Lawn?

How to Pet-Proof Your Garden or Lawn?

You love your pets, and you love your garden too! But the question is, how can you keep your dogs away from ruining your favorite garden? Your garden must be full of your favorite flowers or veggies. And dogs running here and there in the garden can wreck your efforts in the garden.

Dogs do not care about your lawn as much as you do. So, take responsibility for both. The key is to achieve a balance between the garden and your floof! It is actually funny to watch puppies and dogs run about in the garden. But it is saddening to watch your favorite plants and flowers getting destroyed.

Yeah, you’ll b Dogs have fun lurking in the garden, exploring different smells all the time. Running is their favorite chore of the day. But, all this fun for your dog may dishearten to see your garden getting affected. Hence here are some ways to avoid having a garden-wreck!

Have Good Grass Seed

Running dogs in your garden hamper the beautiful and green grasses! It gets damaged a lot. All running and rough and tumble play create patches on the grass. It damages leaves and worn down the areas where dogs played roughly! And when dog toys are involved, things can take a worse turn.

You must know that there are thousands of grasses available to choose from. So, there are varieties that have high tensile strength. It means they do not wear and tear easily. When you got to buy grass seeds, talk to the shopkeeper about how to take care of it, and what to protect it from, and other related questions. You should know what you are getting.

Different lawns have different usages and hence need different grasses. For example, think of a golf course. They require grass that can handle the stress caused by the ball.  And fairways have light and finer grasses to feel soft.

Overseed to repair lawn

This is the solution you adopt after a patch has been formed in the garden. You can overseed the areas with patches to repair the damage caused. You will quickly gain back your old lawn back. Do not forget to add fertilizers too. Fertilizers are food for plants and grasses. However, it is necessary to keep your dogs inside for at least 48 hours after adding fertilizers. The fertilizer should get absorbed in the soil before your dog is all active and tumbling again on the grass. Read the instructions and label of the fertilizer to understand its usage. Do not apply fertilizers more or less as asked! Also, water your plants daily to enable the soil to absorb fertilizers quickly.

Dog Excretion

Do you take your dogs for a walk in a nearby lawn or garden? Do you let it poop and urinate there? Well, if you do, then stop. First, it smells utterly bad. Nobody would like a morning sight and smell of dog poop first thing in the morning during a brisk walk. Secondly, it is not as healthy as you think might be for the grass. It attracts a lot of insects and then can become carriers of several diseases. The best way is to dispose off dog poop as soon as you can with proper precautions.

Dogs’ urine will damage your lawn. It will not bring an unpleasant smell but also create problems for you and your neighbor. What can you do? Carry a bottle of water whenever you take your dog for a walk. Always squirt some water from a bottle on the area your dog peed. It will dilute anything that will be harmful to the grass and cause trouble.


You must love your garden to your heart and want it to look beautiful at all times. However, you also want to invest less time and effort and get good results. So you can plant wildflowers. These flowers will attract all kinds of insects and hence help in pollination. They will save your work to managing, a half of the lawn at least. It will provide shelter to local wildlife and at the same time give you time to enjoy. So, buy yourself a wildflower mixed seeds and sprinkle all over your lawn today. The results will be amazing!

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