Things People With Anxiety Should Always Carry

Things People With Anxiety Should Always Carry

We all know someone who’s battling with their demons or maybe we are the ones ourselves. Either way, there are times when our environment no longer brings the calmness that we desire in our moments of vulnerability. What do we do then?

We carry our comfort in our bags!

We all own things that make our house feel homely, things and smells we associate with our happy places or things we prefer doing to help with our anxiety. You must find travel size alternatives of your favorites and keep them close at all times. 

Some Things to Carry With You

Anxiety can catch up to you in the worst of times, maybe just before a presentation at the office or at your child’s first recital. You never know when it might creep up to you. Being prepared for a situation like this is all you can really do. 

Here is a list of things you can carry that are sure to relieve some of your anxiety. 

Lavender Essential Oil

All you need is a roll-on to put near your temple, your neck or anywhere you can easily smell it. Lavender is known to have anti-anxiety benefits which makes it a perfect travel partner for when you’re stuck in an overcrowded subway or are too stressed at work. 

Soothing Teas

You can find a handful of herbal teas that can help you relax and create a calming effect. Lavender, chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, ginseng, turmeric and basil are some tea flavors that are well known for their anti-anxiety effects. (there are a handful of other teas)

Favorite Perfume/ Body Mist

We all associate different smells with our favorite places, people or things. So let this be an absolute necessity as you walk out of your house. It could be the perfume you love or your partner’s cologne, whatever helps you calm down and relax. 


A diary to put all your worrisome thoughts into has always been a good way of ridding yourself of all the negativity. You can scribble, draw or write exactly what you feel. While therapy sessions for patients of anxiety are great, you can’t get an appointment in the middle of your office hours. Instead, make your journal your therapist and jot down everything you need to.


Just like carrying a journal to write your anxious thoughts is, maintain a sober diary with all the thoughts you’d want your anxious self to read. These could be tips to follow in the middle of an anxiety attack, a reminder of all the people who love and care about you or even a reminder to call your loved ones or therapist when things get too hard. 

Caring the photograph of your loved ones can also be a great reminder of how beautiful your life is, even when you can’t see it right now. 

Relaxing Herbs

You can find a variety of gummies, oils and sublingual sprays out there that constitute some extremely effective anti-anxiety herbs. Carrying them in your bag, you can use some anytime you’re unable to get your anxiety under control. You can opt for CBD or even delta-8 products, which are especially known for their relaxing and calming effects. Learn more about delta-8 gummies. 

Rose Quartz Worry Stone

This stone is called the stone of universal love. Famous for its relaxing and calming effects, these palm and thumb stones can be used to fidget around with. They have a thumb sized indentation in the middle and all you have to do is hold it between your index finger and thumb while stroking it with your thumb. 

The list doesn’t just apply to you but to someone close to you who might need it too. This is also a pretty good hamper idea to give to your loved ones who might require some emotional support.

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