Things to Bring Back from the Past

Things to Bring Back from the Past

The current generation doesn’t know it, but the old days were pretty amazing. When you actually did things manually, went out, met people, helped promote the local vendors and lived simple. Kids cycled around the block for hours and played basketball at nearby courts. You didn’t have to pay for any memberships, you just brought your own ball and stayed for as long as you wanted. 

Life seemed to get by a lot faster back then because hours were spent doing something you truly enjoyed. There weren’t as many insomniacs either, cause you could never keep them from dozing off after hours of playing around. 

My point here is that there were too many precious things back in the day and some of them need to return. 

Shopping at the Local Market

You couldn’t order your groceries online cause there was no internet to begin with. Even when we started using the net, it was never to buy things, that’s more of a 21st century special. So how did you buy things? 

You stepped out and went to local shops. The dairy, the cozy cafes around the corner or the shops with Halloween specials during October, you walked in there, you chatted your way through the costume trials and you left with a bag of clothes and a new acquaintance. 

Playing Outside and In Person

I’m tired of watching kids shout into their microphones while shooting the kid next door inside the little virtual world of playing. That’s not what playing should look like

Back in the day you could watch kids and teens running around, on their cycles or at skateboard parks, having their time of the day. Whether in scorching heat or in heavy rain, you’d always find kids outside and never at home. 

Kids weren’t as obese as they are now, never fell ill as easily as they do today. They were healthy, grew up playing in dirt and actually enjoyed it (i know i did). 

As an adult you might not find time to do any of this which is exactly why we look back at the days spent enjoying the nature around us. And that’s what is needed today. Kids on bicycles that take you around the block, not the ones in enclosed gyms. Kids running in parks and not their characters in video games. We need to bring back the water gun fights and the pool parties, the birthday get-togethers in the backyard and the impromptu basketball matches.  

I still find myself roaming around these parks in my free time. Just a puff of my favorite THC carts and I go down memory lane. The Island Now knows all my favorites. 

Socializing With Your Neighbors

Last week I stepped out of my house on a Sunday ( a rare sight) and found that the neighbor that lived across from me had already moved. Her house had been rented away to another family and I never knew. This, however, reminded me of the neighbors I had when I was 11. I used to love hanging out with their dog, even taking him out for walks every now and then. 

The day they moved, I bawled my eyes out. Nonetheless, we stayed connected. 

We need those innocent connections today as well. It never hurts to know the people around you, to lend them a helping hand every now and then and to know you have someone who’d do the same for you. 

Going to a Library 

I used to adore going to libraries, taking in a waft of those old books (not creepy, I swear), sitting in a quiet corner and reading to my heart’s desire. I still do that once every week but some things have changed. The libraries that used to be filled with people all day long no longer had their tables booked. Only a few people, those too using their phones. 

I understand that kindles and audio books have reduced the need of reading an actual book, but if you’ve never had a reading sesh in a library, you’ve really missed out on some priceless experience. 

Modern life isn’t awful, it’s not even remotely bad, but it does feel incomplete. The past wasn’t perfect either but it valued our needs a lot more than our lifestyle allows us to do today. But we can still create a balance and get the best of both worlds. 

Carolyn decided early on that she did not like the winter. That has led to the inspiration behind this blog, This is a culmination of everything nice and sunny. She likes to live life in a happy to go lucky manner and hopes you can do the same.