Top Places For a Romantic Holiday For Couples

Are you planning a trip with your sweetheart to a destination that is perfect for you? Then you are in luck now. Whether you are going for your honeymoon or on a vacation with your partner, you would want to be somewhere that suits the feel. Romantic vacations can be very crucial for both of you. It builds trust, love, and affection for each other. 

Winters can be the best time to have a travel plan, as you may find lower hotel prices and less crowded places. For many places, winters can be called “off-season”, but you might enjoy it with your partner because of the same reason. After all, you are traveling there to spend and enjoy time with your significant other. 

There can be many things you two can do together. From skiing, reindeer rides, shopping to just walking on the beautiful streets with a cold breeze blowing your hair. Can it get more romantic than this! So, have a look at this list of destinations you can go to for with your partner for your holidays.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland


Have you seen the pictures of the Northern Lights on google? Have you ever wished to see it live? Well, now is your chance. Watch the most stunning natural light show in the world, the Northern Lights with your beloved in Iceland. Just visit this place during winters and witness the beautiful show live with your partner. Also, Iceland has slowly become one of the most popular destinations for travelers. You will enjoy the place without even spending too much. It’s an affordable destination where you will get amused by geothermal hot springs, many holiday markets, and of course, fine dining to end your evening.

2. Strasbourg, France

Everyone knows that France is very famous among holiday destination, especially for couples. But, here I am not talking about the capital of France, Paris. There’s one more French town near the border of Germany, Strasbourg. This magnificent place has the country’s oldest holiday market. So, you can also buy a lot of things for your family and friends back home. And with your partner, you can go on an ice-skating date, for me, it’s the most romantic part of this place. Wander the ancient streets while holding hands and feeling like you are going back to ancient times. 

3. Paris, France

Well, there can be no list of ‘romantic destinations’ without Paris. Paris is undoubtedly the best place for romantic holidays. It is also called as the City of Love. there’s plenty to do and see during the vacations. Watch trees dripping with lights while you walk through the streets of this beautiful city. Get on a ride on the Roue de Paris, the giant Ferris Wheel, or ice-skate under the stars. 

4. Aspen, Colorado

Do you want hot chocolate by the fireplace, cozy lodging, and beautiful experience of skiing with your partner? Then your pick should always be Aspen, Colorado. There are a lot of apres-ski activities you can find in this amusing town during your vacations. And after your time at the top of the mountains, you can also enjoy the holiday fireworks with your partner. Along with Menorah lighting.

5. New York City, New York

This is a magical place, especially during the holidays. You will see a lot of displays all around the city during your vacation there, including the giant Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza. Go around Central Park in a wintry carriage ride. This is an amazing place to go ice-skating with your love at Bryant Park to get honest New York vacations.

6. Levi, Finland

Do you want to go on a real-life reindeer ride with your loved one? Levi is the place for you! Just visit this place during New Year and witness the phenomenal blankets of snow and an amusing view of the Aurora Borealis. You will never forget this Finnish Lapland. You can even go for the husky dog sledding. And after you get tired, stay in a cozy igloo.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Do you know the Danish and Norwegian word for “coziness”? Well, it’s hygge. And visiting Copenhagen, you will feel it. This place is best for your holidays, including festivities such as the holiday market. Oh, and don’t miss the Royal Copenhagen Christmas tables exhibition, this is the most popular event of the season. Also, you can roam around the waterfront district of Nyhavn with your partner. 

8. Kauai, Hawaii

“The Garden Island” is the best place if you want to click some beautiful pictures with your significant other. Kauai is definitely a top spot during summers, but in winter, it becomes even more affordable and you will also get less crowd. And you would still have a lot to enjoy.


These vacations are for you to enjoy the company of your partner and cherish the bond you two share. Visiting a romantic and beautiful place can increase that experience. Every place has its own vibe, choose what best suits you and enjoy your vacation. Good luck to you and your partner for your future together. Cheers! 

Carolyn decided early on that she did not like the winter. That has led to the inspiration behind this blog, This is a culmination of everything nice and sunny. She likes to live life in a happy to go lucky manner and hopes you can do the same.